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February 25, 2011

Elimination of the Alberta Fuel Tax Rebate Program.

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April 01, 2008

Tax Back Ltd and Resources Tax Consultants Merger.

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Maximum Refund

Our tight knit team is committed to getting the maximum refund permitted by law. Our Staff

Tax Back 3 Ways

Welcome to Tax Back online. Your online resource for Alberta fuel tax news. 

Off Road Fuel Tax Rebate

In Alberta, there is a 9 cent per litre road tax built into the price of your clear fuel. If you buy clear fuel and then consume it in a partial off road capacity in Alberta or British Columbia, you are eligible for a fuel tax rebate. Our team of professional fuel tax consultants will recover that fuel tax for you.

We conduct a fuel use survey specific to your operation according to the NEW GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES. We compile a claim from your fuel invoices, calculate the amount owing to you and file the appropriate documentation.

Every claim is calculated aggressively to get you the maximum refund permitted by law.

We work on a commission basis and only get paid when you get paid so you will get every dollar you are entitled to receive.

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Fuel Tax Review/ Upgrade

Have you already filed for your off road fuel use rebate? Are you being rigidly audited according to the NEW GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES? Do you feel your rebate is too low for the amount purchased? Has your rebate been disallowed or substantially reduced?

If so, let the Tax Back experts review and re-file your previous claim to upgrade your refund. Remember, we specialize in all fuel tax matters and claims management. You are entitled to the maximum refund permitted by law.

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